Company Perzej Ltd. was founded in 2010. Basic motive founder had in idea to develop and promote applications based on Liferay Portal technology and Liferay Portal as platform itself.

In September 2011. company made agreement with Liferay, Inc. and completely dedicated its engineers to Liferay development.

For all informations about Liferay Portal, sales activites and partnership for Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Monte Negro and Macedonia please contact us at phone +385 (1) 6313 540 or email address.

Perzej d.o.o.
OIB: 45627809299
MBS: 060257678

Adresa sjediĆĄta:
    Koste Racina 12
    10000 Zagreb

Adresa ureda:
    Kruge 48
    10000 Zagreb